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Wealder is all about exciting and awesome wood products, wood versions of popular items, and other wonderful things now enabled by wood.

From consumer items to commercial applications, we’ll show you wood like you never enjoyed them before. Our team and nascent community are passionate about wood items and are constantly on the lookout for new products and exciting concepts to show you, including the novel ways people use wood in their own custom setup or special uses.

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All Things Wood

We show products you normally don’t associate with wood, but that you’ll likely really like and even love.

We’ll also show you wooden solutions and products used in different contexts, from those for home use to commercial spaces and industrial adaptations.

Where’s the Beef?

With the unique or simply cool finds, we then happily show them to you and the rest of our members, including information as to where to buy them or to build your own.

For some categories, we provide more details, while for others that speak for themselves, we’ll leae you to marvel at their beauty or function. All the while, where applicable, we’ll show you where to get them for yourself.


  • Notable people, companies and personalities we feature or interview
  • News, articles and notewworthy items all about wood cool
  • Places of note that you can get, source or buy items we feature
  • Specials, limited editions, discounts and coupons
  • Custom wonders of wood magic others have done that you can DIY

Review and Ratings

We’re passionate about modern wood applications, but we’re enabled as a team, and now have a growing support from a nascent community behind us. One that lets us vet our showcase that is community sourced and approved!

We link to those gems we’ve found, as well as those our subscribers share, and also rank and review noteworthy items as well.

We’ll expand on this even more as we go along, so you can expect great things in our current slate, and know that we’re constantly improving. So get in on the ground floor.

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